Tennis Courts

Building a tennis court begins with excavating the ground and laying a foundation to give the surfacing an even foundation. The subbase must be laid before the specified surfacing can be installed, which will either be macadam, polymeric rubber or artificial turf. In addition to providing tennis court construction services, we provide additional equipment such as floodlights and fencing as well. We can create and build tennis courts to suit your requirements as tennis court construction professionals. In the UK, every facility requires a specific surface configuration because it has its own height, width, and sloping profile. 

There are many factors to be considered when building a sports facility, from the construction to the sub-base and surfacing, there are also factors such as fences and lighting to take into consideration. There are many different surfaces and fencing options available, including chain link, rebounding, super rebounding, and so on. An expert groundworker with a vast understanding of civil engineering will be required for the ground preparation works, sports surfacing will require a professional sports surfacing installer, and fencing and lighting require specialists from those fields. Our professional team has worked on many schools, colleges, private homes, sports facilities, and gyms over the years. 

Our team has built various courts, including basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, etc. As much as possible, we are running our operations as smoothly as possible, while taking all necessary precautions to protect customers and staff.  We maintain a large stock, own our own plants, and employ our own teams of experienced building staff and court cleaners. In this way, we are able to control our supply chain and benefit our customers. We’re professionals who build, maintain, and service tennis facilities, with an extensive knowledge of different sports surfaces and servicing. 

Several types of surfaces are available, so make sure you know which is right for you from the various options. By increasing the traction of the facility through non-slip colour coating, the safety aspects are enhanced. We also provide sports surfacing cleaning services. Keeping the court clean is essential to preserving its porous qualities. In addition to contaminating your facility, algae and mould can result in floods and also waterlogging – a chemical treatment can stop these potential problems. 

We can provide you with the covering technology you need, tailored exactly to your specifications, whether you’re building a tennis court or changing the appearance of your existing one. Besides preparing the groundwork, installing pavilions, surfacing courts, and installing lights and nets, we can also act as the only tennis court contractor. We can provide high-quality tennis court covers for your facilities, enabling your players to keep playing in all weather conditions.


As the industries go-to provider for electric forecourts, we have already completed several successful projects. Our portfolio includes petrol filling stations, retail properties, general construction and general contracting, and we remain UK leaders in the design, construction and modification of petrol stations.

With our experience and expertise within the petroleum forecourt sector, we have been able to adapt our skills and diversify into the construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Forecourts. Do you need a helping hand from the ground up? We provide a dedicated turnkey construction service that can handle everything from those crucial early plans and ideas all the way to occupancy.

Groundworks are conducted on housing developments, parking lots, and commercial facilities as part of site reclamation projects. Despite being highly skilled and flexible, MPC Grondwork’s working with clients’ management and design teams is always a pleasure. Our team is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality work on time and within budget, while providing cost-effective solutions.

In our capacity as a forecourt maintenance service company, we specialize in constructing, branding, repairing, and maintaining petrol stations, petrol garages, and retail forecourts throughout the country.