Domestic & Commercial Fencing

We supply high quality, long lasting wooden and metal fencing to domestic and commercial clients in Derby that will help you to secure your property in a visually appealing way. Our team can also install automatic and electric gates for added protection.

Wood Fencing

We supply highly secure and visually appealing wooden fencing for homes and businesses which offers traditional looks combined with modern security characteristics. And for those looking for enhanced safeguarding, our metal fencing is strong enough to deter even the most determined of thieves.

As well as ensuring security and privacy, fencing can be stylish too. As finishing touches to a garden design go, it doesn’t get much better than a classy and timeless timber fence. And for businesses a steel fence looks intimidating, which puts off hardened criminals looking for access to your site.

Our experienced and professional team will visit your site and inspect the area before designing an appropriate fencing plan, taking into consideration any requirements that you may have. Once agreed, we can supply and install the fencing for you, using only the finest and most reliable products around.

Metal Fencing

Our company manufactures metal fencing for commercial and residential applications. We provide decorative metal railings, vertical bar railings, wall railings, and welded mesh panels, as well as high security fence solutions for retail and commercial buildings, schools, transportation, utilities, and data centres. We use hot-dip galvanized metal fencing or zinc alloy coated metal fencing that is guaranteed for 25 years.

We offer different kinds of fencing that can serve many purposes, including separating your garden from the outside or adding a decorative touch. All metal garden fences, railings, gates, and fence posts are at low prices. Fencing panels composed of highly decorative metal can be freestanding or used to infill brickwork and provide elegance and security. A black powder coating is applied to the galvanized steel to prevent corrosion, and all the hardware is delivered to your home with ready-to-install attachments for bricks, timber posts and metal posts.

All of our projects, from bespoke metal fencing to mass production, are handled individually. We work closely with our customers and architects to ensure that our fences are manufactured to client specifications, with a range of solutions ideal for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential applications.


Adding some simple landscaping to your garden will make a huge difference, we offer easy to install decking tiles, boards, border edging and more. A landscaping contractor creates an initial letter that outlines a rough proposal for what could be done with the land so that the desired outcome is achieved.

The illustration must be drawn using different pencils. Today, most projects in landscaping begin with bulldozers, lawnmowers, or chainsaws, rather than with natural materials. Landscapes in different places have varying plant types.

The best time for growing new grass is between the spring and fall seasons since it maximizes growth and keeps weeds under control. Organic or chemical fertilizers are generally considered necessary for plant growth. In order to add interest in large areas, landscapers often mix gravel with rocks of various sizes.

We can help you with large or small gardening and landscaping projects, whether you need a flower garden or a large outdoor space. Whether you are building or maintaining a garden, you will discover garden maintenance supplies from paving to fencing to sheds. Our selection of landscaping and gardening products can help you build anything from a simple idea in a small space to a more involved creation by ambitious garden designers. Browse our product range for all the products you need, from composite decking to garden buildings.

We are here to help you take your landscaping to the next level. We provide tips and ideas for maintaining your yard, choosing plants, and completing various outdoor projects.