Septic Tanks

There is a two- or three-chamber septic tank, which holds sewage from a property long enough for it to solidify into sludge at the bottom of the tank, where it is partially broken down by bacteria.

When you do not have a foul sewer connection, and one is not possible, you will most likely use a septic tank to handle waste water and sewage.

There is a possibility that your septic tank only manages the waste water from your house, or that it manages waste water from multiple neighbours.

With septic tanks, waste water is naturally broken down by biological processes that are then added slowly to aerated soil or treated in another way to create a safe and harmless discharge.

At UKDP, we offer a comprehensive range of septic tank services for homes and businesses with a septic tank or off-mains drainage system. Our specialists are trained in a wide range of septic tank services, whether you need a septic tank MOT, are moving house, or need an issue with your septic tank resolved.


The soakaway is essentially a hole dug into the ground. A soakaway has traditionally been filled with rubble and coarse stones, but today plastic crates are more common. Water that runs off the surface of the ground, along with water from gutters and downpipes, is collected in the soakaway and percolates back to the earth gradually.

One of the main challenges that people have with soakaways is that over time, sand and leaves easily accumulate in them. Often, once they’ve clogged completely, they look more like a pond than a soakaway.

It is often hard to get a clogged soakaway working as efficiently as before once it has become clogged. For this reason, either we can excavate a new soakaway, or we can re-excavate the existing soakaway.

We are experts in excavation, re-excavation, and soakaway clearing with over 30 years of experience. We also provide a free claims management service. We deal directly with insurance companies. We can provide you with reports and handle the claim from beginning to end so you will not have to worry.